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What is Sync Technology? - CRUA-Monitor

What is Sync Technology?

lf you don't know what screen FreeSync technology is, you can click here to watch this video

Sync is a screen synchronization technology designed to eliminate intermittent game play and frame breaks caused by problems such as screen tearing. Screen tearing is an effect caused by a mismatch between refresh rate and frame rate

Sync uses Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) to ensure that your screen refresh rate stays in sync with the frame rate of your Radeon graphics card. The result is less input lag, less screen tearing, and less lag during game and video playback.

If you're a huge gaming fan, we recommend getting a monitor with Sync technology, which not only reduces screen tearing but also effectively boosts your game's frame rate!

CRUA currently has several monitors with SYNC technology


If you bought a monitor with Sync technology and don't know how to turn on this feature you can watch the video below



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