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What is refresh rate? - CRUA-Monitor

What is refresh rate?

In fact, the monitor, as an output device, only feeds back the results of the operation to the user and passes them to the eyes.The premise of high brushing is that your graphics card and system are enough to produce so many images, then high brushing will be useful. For example, the movie standa...
how to setup dual monitors

how to setup dual monitors

You must also have such experience, while writing a manuscript or making a report, while looking up information; while going back to LINE with friends, while trying to catch up on the drama, the video can not be full screen to make you super busy; while writing the program, while previewing the i...
Selecting monitor cables - CRUA-Monitor

Selecting monitor cables

Now common video HD cable HDMI cable, DP cable, DVI cable, VGA cable, the appearance and performance of each line are different, in general, the performance of these four display data cable ranking. DP > HDMI > DVI > VGACurrently, the main interfaces used by mainstream monitors are HDMI,...