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Selecting monitor cables - CRUA-Monitor

Selecting monitor cables

Now common video HD cable HDMI cable, DP cable, DVI cable, VGA cable, the appearance and performance of each line are different, in general, the performance of these four display data cable ranking. DP > HDMI > DVI > VGA

Currently, the main interfaces used by mainstream monitors are HDMI, DP and VGA, but currently the most used are HDMI and DP, so this article will introduce in detail the difference between HDMI and DP.


  • HDMI is a TMDS transmission method in which the image signal output from the graphics card is first converted by the TMDS chip and then transmitted to the monitor line by line through a special line.


  • DP is a very smart way to packetize the image signal generated by the graphics card into a single packet and then directly transmit it to the monitor. DP is a very smart way to packetize not only the video signal, but also other control signals. 


Here is the parameter table for each cable

monitor each cable interface parameters table

Click on the image for a larger view

After recognizing the interfaces, it is important to understand what they represent. Because each interface has different versions, although the appearance of the same but different versions of video transmission performance is not the same, such as broadband, resolution, refresh rate, etc.

But just check the output interface and the interface of the display can be, the general product description or manual will be written, or you can consult the customer service staff selling the product. The CRUA monitor package will come with the highest specification cable for the product, so you do not need to worry about this aspect.



"How do I choose between DP and HDMI?"

From the above table of parameters can be found, DP2.0 both in terms of interface versatility and performance parameters better than HDMI2.1, and DP2.0 interface for manufacturers has an advantage, and is free of certification and license fees. However, the VESA Association has not yet announced the DP2.0 supporting chip solutions, so the market is not yet equipped with DP2.0 interface PC display devices, DP2.0 can only be said to have great potential.

For HDMI2.1, HDMI years of accumulated application environment has been very mature, in computer hosts, high-definition TVs, and projection imaging are widely used, and supporting equipment is also very sound, which is the advantage of HDMI2.1

If you are very concerned about the refresh rate we recommend you use DP, if you do not mind the high refresh rate you can buy a cheaper HDMI cable