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What is refresh rate? - CRUA-Monitor

What is refresh rate?

In fact, the monitor, as an output device, only feeds back the results of the operation to the user and passes them to the eyes.

The premise of high brushing is that your graphics card and system are enough to produce so many images, then high brushing will be useful. For example, the movie standard 24 frames, whether you use a 60hz or 144hz refresh rate monitor, the display results will be the same.

The resolution is under dynamic pictures or under high-speed switching pictures, and the difference between different refresh rates becomes apparent.

1.What is refresh rate?


The refresh rate, measured in Hz, refers to the number of times the electron beam scans the image on the screen repeatedly. In layman's terms, it means how many times the screen is refreshed per second.

The higher the refresh rate, the more pictures are refreshed per second, and the more stable and clear the image is. On the contrary, if the refresh rate is low, the image will easily see flicker and jitter.

Theoretically, the more images refreshed per second, the smoother it will be;

60Hz means refreshing the image 60 times per second;

144Hz refreshes the image 144 times per second, which is more than 2 times smoother by comparison.

Therefore, it is not necessary for ordinary users to choose high brush or not, it depends on the budget. But for some e-sports players or advanced game players, even the difference between 144Hz and 240Hz can be captured.


2. People affected by refresh rate


Professional e-sports players also said that ordinary users can only be divided into FPS players and others.

As mentioned above, the refresh rate is the difference between a dynamic picture.

Even if we use computers to browse pages and drag the mouse every day, using a high refresh rate will give a silkier feeling, especially when upgrading from 60Hz to 144Hz. However, in order to control the budget, 60Hz is more affordable.

Moreover, things like daily office work or watching movies do not have requirements for the refresh rate. The high refresh rate is just for smoother operation feedback.

But for FPS gamers, this silky feeling is obvious in every operational detail, such as opening the camera and moving and shooting, and directly affects the experience of a game, winning or losing.

3. Refresh rate and frame number

The refresh rate has been explained before. Now let’s talk about what the frame rate is? Let’s talk about their relationship.

The number of frames is commonly expressed as FPS, which refers to the number of static images that appear in 1 second. Like the refresh rate, the higher the frame rate, the more images appear in one second and the smoother the picture.

Each frame of static image needs to be calculated and rendered by the graphics card.

Therefore, why 3A games do not require high-refresh displays is because the game scene contains too many element details, and the calculation and rendering speed of the graphics card cannot keep up with the refresh rate. Refresh rate > frame number will appear, resulting in a waste of refresh rate.

There is another situation, frame number > refresh rate; for example, the graphics card can render 120 frames per second, but the monitor is only 60Hz, that is, only one frame of image is displayed for every two frames of image output to the monitor. Therefore, frames higher than the refresh rate are invalid.

When purchasing a monitor, you should pay attention to the matching of refresh rate and frame rate to get the best experience.